In the wreckage of a world gone astray, Where chaos and destruction held sway, Two souls dared to unite in matrimony, In a post-apocalyptic wedding ceremony.

The bride, donning a tattered white gown, With holes and stains that could make one frown, Her bouquet? A mix of radioactive blooms, For love blossoms even in impending dooms.

The groom, sporting a makeshift suit of scraps, Held together with duct tape and paperclips perhaps, His boutonniere? A rusty gear, a symbol of resilience, In this barren world, love found its brilliance.

Their guests, a motley crew of survivors, Wearing gas masks and armor as required, Amidst the ruins, they gathered ’round, To witness this love, so profound.

The altar, crafted from debris and remains, Stood proudly amidst the desolate plains, Radiation symbols adorned the makeshift arch, A nod to the challenges they had to march.

The officiant, a wizened mutant sage, Blessed the couple on this post-apocalyptic stage, His words of wisdom echoed through the wasteland, A reminder that love can withstand.

As vows were exchanged, amidst laughter and tears, Echoes of gunfire and distant mutant fears, Their love burned bright, a beacon of hope, In this desolate landscape, they learned to cope.

And as the reception began with a raucous cheer, Scavenged cans of food, a wedding feast so queer, They danced amidst the ruins, hand in hand, Celebrating love, in this barren land.

For in the midst of chaos, love still prevails, A testament to the human spirit that never fails, So raise a glass to this post-apocalyptic pair, Their love, a reminder that hope is always there.

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